Hello everyone! Welcome to my WordPress blog!

 I would like to let you know that you can visit my real blog at

This blog was only created for commenting reasons on blogs that don’t enable the name/url option.

My actual self-hosted blog is


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please click on any of the above links or the picture to be directed to my blog, which is:

You can leave your comments there, and I’d be very happy to read them. 

Thank you!

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  1. Despina

    At last a total fashion lover like me!so nice that you knew who wore them!her blog is amazing!yours too dear 🙂 i like this outfit.lovely floral skirt and red clutch!little blue details on nails and ring are fabulous!so fashionable :)))

  2. Joice

    I followed you via bloglovin and like on facebook! thank you so much for following me! you have a gread blog, love red and green all together! xx Joice

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